North Carolina ASHI® Peer Review

The North Carolina Chapter of The American Society of Home Inspectors® (NC ASHI) sponsors an educational program by which home inspectors can hone their skills in order to improve their inspection abilities. The Chapter Peer Review committee, made up of NC ASHI members with at least five years experience, will inspect a test house developing a list of “must find” defects that would qualify to meet the North Carolina Standards of Practice. Peer Review Candidates will then be given two hours to inspect the same house to pit their skills against the Peer Review committee’s findings. The findings of the Candidate inspector are compared to the list of “must find” items as determined by the committee. If the Candidate is successful in determining the list of “must finds” developed by the committee, the Candidate will be awarded the designation of IBR® (Inspector By Review). The originator of the program, the Great Lakes Chapter of ASHI® (GLC ASHI), has granted permission to NC ASHI® for use of the Inspector by Review® . A series of qualifications dictate the inspectors eligible to be designated Inspector by Review® and Master Inspector by ReviewTM.

The intent of the program is to further educate the members and to continue to raise the bar for all home inspectors.

The American Society of Home Inspectors® is the nation’s oldest and largest association of professional home inspectors, and is often consulted by various departments of the Federal government concerning home inspection issues. The North Carolina Chapter of ASHI® is the State’s first and oldest home inspector association with the most stringent membership requirements including 250 inspections experience, exams, peer review, and 20 hours of annual Continuing Education. For more information on NC ASHI or NC ASHI Peer Review, contact any NC ASHI member or visit WWW.NCASHI.COM.