Qualifications and Affiliations

We hold membership in THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HOME INSPECTORS, a non-profit organization of professional home inspectors. ASHI members must follow inspection guidelines identified as the ASHI STANDARDS OF PRACTICE, the only published home inspection standards in the United States. ASHI members must also operate within the ASHI CODE OF ETHICS developed to reduce the risk of conflicts of interest by the inspector.

We actively participate in available ASHI educational seminars and classes at the North Carolina Association of Home Inspectors, to keep our inspection techniques current and to keep abreast of changes and developments in our profession.

Operating Policies

THOROUGHNESS - We are proud of our reputation for thoroughness. A half-hearted inspection serves no one well, including the inspector. By scheduling only one inspection per day we are able to ensure the attention required to conduct a proper inspection. The reputation of our business is at stake with every assignment. Problems found are not magnified, nor are they minimized. Problems identified are put into perspective.

OBJECTIVITY - Objectivity is the key to the whole job. Honest, impartial inspections are possible because there are no ties with any other business associated with building or real estate. Impartiality is essential to our reputation. We make every attempt to live up to the standards of quality and dependability that the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HOME INSPECTORS has mandated for its members.

FAST SERVICE - We operate as a full-time inspection company. Inspections are performed as soon as they can be scheduled. We try to make special considerations in emergencies. If we can not meet your schedule, you will be told immediately, so that you can schedule your inspection through another Certified ASHI inspector. Reports are mailed "Priority Mail" the day following the inspection in most cases.

PERSONAL ATTENTION AND GUIDANCE - The buyer is welcome and encouraged to attend the inspection. In addition to the inspection, the inspector will teach you how the home works, explain unfamiliar systems, suggest maintenance procedures and point out ways to correct problems. Questions about home maintenance are always welcome after the inspection. Feedback cards are provided with each report.

CONFIDENTIALITY - The written report is sent only to you, the home buyer, and to parties you designate. Your inspection report will be discussed with only the parties you designate.


Please contact us with any questions
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